Meet Our Founder


Ashley E. Mercer is a proud boy momma and wife and one heck of a 6th generation Texan hailing from a tiny rural town just outside of San Antonio, TX. Cows and goats are permanent field ornaments and swimming always took place in the beautiful Guadalupe River--Spring Branch, TX is the place she calls home.

Ashley enjoyed the simple country life where wide open spaces was the perfect way to be raised. She grew up in a holistic environment where all natural alternatives such as herbal teas and home remedies where favored to treat all different kinds of symptoms and ailments in lieu of over-the-counter and/or prescribed medications.

Opening a CBD Wellness Boutique sharing alternative methods to help aide in healing others naturally was a must for Ashley to do.

" I believe in the power of plant-based healing. Our bodies biological makeup and that of plants were meant to be connected. Farm to Pharms' sole mission is to destigmatize cannabis derived products with education and by creating natural products with high-quality ingredients making their therapeutic benefits transparent and readily accessible. I hope Farm to Pharm has the ability to help as many people and pets feel and LIVE the best version of themselves--happy, peacefully and healthy."

--Ashley E. Mercer, Founder/CEO

We work with hemp farming communities, local educators, and hemp industry leaders to bring natural and healthy products from certified organic family owned and operated farms to your families doorstep.