Farm to Pharm Beauty Oil 200 MG

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Moringa Oleifera oil is known skin rejuvinating properties.

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Moringa Oleifera oil is known skin rejuvinating properties. This nutrient dense beauty oil is blended with Pure 99.8% CBD to create a pure and potent beauty oil. This product has been formulated for daily use as a personal skincare protocol and is meant to replace your daily skincare
cream, oil, or serum.

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Apply to damp face and neck after cleansing [about 2-5 pumps] – Apply to damp hair once weekly to replenish lost nutrients and restore luster.


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2 reviews for Farm to Pharm Beauty Oil 200 MG

  1. Anna Hansmann

    Another Hansmann Haus favorite, this has worked wonders for my skin and I absolutely recommend it. My pores have shrunk and my skin feels great. A little bit goes a long way. Thank you Ashley for the recommendation I am so happy with this beauty oil.

  2. Patty

    I am a 41 year old Latina woman with oily/combo skin with the occasional pimple. This beauty oil has done wonders for my skin. I saw the word “oil” and it made me a little nervous to try it, BUT I’ve done my research and having oily skin does NOT mean you cannot use oil. In fact, my face isn’t as oily as it used to be since using this product, my glow has come back, and it’s helping in smoothness and redness. I love using my rose quartz face roller every morning with this beauty oil. I am also noticing my pores aren’t as big as they were.

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