Farm to Pharm Slumber Sleep Powder


Ready to catch some z’s? Float into a deep night’s rest with Farm to Pharms’ Slumber Sleep Powder…

The newest Farm to Pharm product combines CBD isolate with CBN (Cannabinol) isolate and Magnesium to promote a deep sense of relaxation as you drift into dreamland. CBN, the “sleepy” cannabinoid, is known to work with your body’s endocannabinoid system to help regulate sleep & encourage a deeper state of rest. When combined, CBN, CBD & Magnesium work synergistically to restore and rebalance your body, which leads to a more sound sleep.

We make it super easy to dish out a serving- simply take one spoonful (or capful for trial), mix the powder into a small glass of water (or your favorite sleepy time beverage) about 20 minutes before bed. Before you know it, you’ll be drifting down the of dreams faster than the sheep can count you. Cue the snoring!

-10mg CBN isolate, 20mg CBD isolate & 20mg Magnesium per dose
-Easy to use, water-soluble sleep powder. Mix 1 serving with a small glass of water about 20 minutes before bedtime.
-Recommended Use: Begin with a half serving of River Dreams to determine the right dose of CBN for you. CBN may increase deeper sleep for some more than others, you may experience drowsiness if you take too much.
-Federally compliant & non-psychoactive

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